A Wedding Guide for Budget Brides (and Grooms!)

As we approach wedding season, I want to share a little bit of our frugal wedding planning.

We just got married in November of 2017, and when I was researching how to get married on the cheap, most of the budget wedding advice I found boiled down to “Just DIY it!” Even as a pretty creative lady and an avid crafter, I was not into that. My advice? “Just don’t do it!”

Not the wedding, of course. Do the wedding. But don’t do all the wedding. We’re conditioned to believe so many absurd purchases are necessary, when all that’s really necessary is you and your partner (and a little paperwork).

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Gigs, Side Hustles, Second Jobs: The Millennial Way

Let’s get one thing straight: I would LOVE to have one job, then come home and sit on my butt. Juggling multiple jobs in the “gig economy” isn’t fun. But working additional jobs for supplemental income is becoming more and more common and can help you reach savings/debt-paying goals faster. I’m not going to talk about ways to make it big, like creating an app or becoming a landlord, because those often require significant time and start-up cash.¬†We’ll start small, and we’re going to work with whatever time you have available.

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