A Wedding Guide for Budget Brides (and Grooms!)

As we approach wedding season, I want to share a little bit of our frugal wedding planning.

We just got married in November of 2017, and when I was researching how to get married on the cheap, most of the budget wedding advice I found boiled down to “Just DIY it!” Even as a pretty creative lady and an avid crafter, I was not into that. My advice? “Just don’t do it!”

Not the wedding, of course. Do the wedding. But don’t do all the wedding. We’re conditioned to believe so many absurd purchases are necessary, when all that’s really necessary is you and your partner (and a little paperwork).

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How to Treat Yo’ Self without Tanking Yo’ Budget

I had a rough week last week, guys. I’m temporarily working three part time jobs on top of my full time job instead of my usual two. The house is a mess. I’ve been having some health issues. I’m missing friends from out of state. On Friday, all I wanted to do was go shopping. Treat yo’ self, right?

I made a deal with myself as I waited for the bus after work. If the B came first, I’d just go home. If the D came, the bus that took me to my beloved TJ Maxx and Marshall’s, than it was meant to be. I’d go shopping.

The B came first.

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